Tourism Videos

Saturday Special

We will deliver great deals in season, including nationwide specialty lodges, secret hot springs and gourmet restaurants throughout the country.

World Sama - Resort

Variety of the sea of the world.

Let's go on a journey (somewhere)

Suddenly get a break, where will you go and what to do! Is it? Variety of haphazard journeys of entertainers !!

When I went to the world, really it was such a tough!

Two directors stayed in one country or area for 14 days each and thoroughly interviewed. We will show the charm of the country and region without exception, extracted from the huge amount of coverage of 14 days × 24 hours × 2 people = 672 hours. "I can feel that I just went there".

Sorry for the traveling of Udo

A program where Mr. Suzuki Udo of Cayenne travels based on information received from viewers. Must see Mr. Suzuki's unexpected trip!

Go to Nortenyu Go!

OL hot spring enthusiast, Yamada Beniko will guide you to a journey around the country seeking outdoor spiritual hot spring = Natten hot water.

Could you charge me?

Taking a journey by a motorized motorcycle while asking a gentle person at the destination, a new human relations glimpse journey. As a junior high school student chooses "a celebrity wanting to be friends No.1", which is now popular regardless of age and sex, "Takurou Degawa" travels with an electric motorcycle with guests full of personality.

Adults walking in Europe

A traveling program that realizes a dream trip that could not be realized even with a popular careful tour, which is also not found in guide books. It is a totally new trip show that enjoys the street corners of Europe tastily.

Walking around the world streets

It is a Japanese overseas travel program that is telecasted by NHK.

From the car window of the world

It is a famous masterpiece program. We mainly chase the scenery from the train window while weing in a little conversation with the person who we met, mainly on the journey of the train around the world. It is simple but there is a taste, which makes me think that I want to travel like this.

Weekend of Cinderella world! Bullet Traveler

It is a travel program that female guests 'want to do' · 'I want to go', but as the title, bullet travel limited only for the weekend as a theme.

Discover the world Mysterious!

Quiz show with season. Mystery hunter will report wonders around the world. From content that interests me and content that seems to be educated, although it is a quiz show, it will become a travel guide for the excellent world.

Series World Heritage 100

A program with a strong spirit of challenging to introduce World Heritage in 5 minutes. While being a short documentary, the perfection will be over while being highly regarded. In a sense, the only thing we have to do is go to the site! It stimulates a journey.

If going abroad, please do it!

A program that travels with overseas coordinators all over the world and guides you to the surprising spot unique to the coordinator! It is!


A journey program by a talent belonging to Johnny's Office

Japanese profile travel

Actor · Mr. Shohei Muro visits the unforgettable scenery in your "mind" by bicycle.

Wander around the streets of the night

Matsuko Deluxe wanders Tokyo at midnight, visits a late-night store that I found, and interacts with people in the city.

How about Wednesday?

Regular performers are Suzui and Oizumi, and the accompanying director is Fujimura D and Ureshino D. Basically these four people travel recklessly and broadcast their patterns.