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BS Japan · Mind heart song

It is a program that shows Japanese songs from the Meiji Period to the present age with the choir of FORESTA and accompaniment of the piano. In this program it has been widely sung from the Ministry of Education songs to children's songs, martial arts and popular songs, eventually pop songs of the 1980s. FORESTA, a chorus group all from music university, sings faithfully to the original song. We are presenting the FORESTA piano accompaniment at the ending.

FULL CHORUS ~ Music is full chorus ~

"I want you to listen to the songs we've made from the beginning to the end" "Innocent music program that fulfills the artist's wish that" I want you to listen to as many new songs as possible "as much as possible.

Osaka melody of my heart

Introducing a letter describing the request received from the viewer and the episode related to it and a singer's singing, and the song of the song accompanied guests such as famous people closely related to the Kansai, We will develop talks about it.

Nippon no Uta

It is a music program centered on Enka · Kayo music that TV Tokyo broadcasts every year on New Year's Eve and Summer / Autumn.

Fluffy squirrel's song

A loose character "Kafka-kun" appears, promotion video of LOTTE's candy "Kafka". That "Fukakagaka Kakuta Uta" is a topic among moms as a "movie that children stop crying".


A program that introduces talented artists who are not yet on the world, centered on indies.


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You can see the latest news of Japanese music artists, live event news, viewing / listening content.

Victor Entertainment

Victor Entertainment Official Site You can see the latest information on the artist's artist, Ring Song (R), listen · viewing and other contents.


UKPROJECT is a long-established independent label in Japan. Although the number of delivery videos is small, there may be a possibility that a newer will be born from here! Is it? Let's check indy rock like.


Space shower TV is the largest music specialty CS channel in Japan. SPACE SHOWER MUSIC is a label established by Space Shower TV. On the channel page, we are also recommending PV distributed from various channels. Let's check it because there is a news channel here as well. You can see digests of festions and artist interviews.

Tokuma Japan Enka · Kayo Music Channel

Tokuma Japan Enka · Kayo Music Channel.

Japan Crown Enka · Kayokyu Official Channel

Japan Crown Enka · Kayokyu Official Channel.

Freestyle Dungeon

Featuring that elements of RPG game are incorporated into MC battle MC battle program MC battle where Zeebra of rapper serves organizer.