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Crazy Journey

Invite a crazy journey across the world to the studio, ask the studio to talk about experiences, and accompany the program staff. People of various professions such as adventurers, journalists, photographers, writers, managers appear as "Crazy Journey". Sometimes we pick up deceased people [1]. However, it is all Japanese, foreigners do not pick up..

Ota and Ueda

Miracle opening starts! Two people of Talk King shoots down!

Buchake Temple

A program to have five monks to talk about each truth according to the theme.

Yoshida's sake bar wonderland

Ask for sake to the sacred place called a bar and wander around for relish.

Kaminuma Emiko's chatting cooking

A theme is decided every week, and Uenuma of the host talks while talking while cooking guests matching that theme talk program

Woman drinking woman writing

A spin-off program of "Yoshida's sake bar wandering story". The bar bar is introducing a tavern where Yoshida kindly visited in the past by one person by one person.

Late night cafeteria

Because it is only a late night from midnight 0 o'clock to 7 o'clock in the morning with a small meal shop with a single master set to be behind the street of the Shinjuku · Gardens neighborhood, goodwill is merely "meeka" Although it is written, it is called "late night cafeteria" from regular customers. The menu has only pork soup set meal, beer, liquor and shochu, but if you say what you can master, you can make anything. Set in this shop, draw an exchange with the master and guests.

BS Japan · Mind heart song

It is a program that shows Japanese songs from the Meiji Period to the present age with the choir of FORESTA and accompaniment of the piano. In this program it has been widely sung from the Ministry of Education songs to children's songs, martial arts and popular songs, eventually pop songs of the 1980s. FORESTA, a chorus group all from music university, sings faithfully to the original song. We are presenting the FORESTA piano accompaniment at the ending.

FULL CHORUS ~ Music is full chorus ~

"I want you to listen to the songs we've made from the beginning to the end" "Innocent music program that fulfills the artist's wish that" I want you to listen to as many new songs as possible "as much as possible.

Nippon no Uta

It is a music program centered on Enka · Kayo music that TV Tokyo broadcasts every year on New Year's Eve and Summer / Autumn.

Tokuma Japan Enka · Kayo Music Channel

Tokuma Japan Enka · Kayo Music Channel.

Japan Crown Enka · Kayokyu Official Channel

Japan Crown Enka · Kayokyu Official Channel.

Freestyle Dungeon

Featuring that elements of RPG game are incorporated into MC battle MC battle program MC battle where Zeebra of rapper serves organizer.

Go to Nortenyu Go!

OL hot spring enthusiast, Yamada Beniko will guide you to a journey around the country seeking outdoor spiritual hot spring = Natten hot water.

Adults walking in Europe

A traveling program that realizes a dream trip that could not be realized even with a popular careful tour, which is also not found in guide books. It is a totally new trip show that enjoys the street corners of Europe tastily.

Walking around the world streets

It is a Japanese overseas travel program that is telecasted by NHK.

From the car window of the world

It is a famous masterpiece program. We mainly chase the scenery from the train window while weing in a little conversation with the person who we met, mainly on the journey of the train around the world. It is simple but there is a taste, which makes me think that I want to travel like this.

Series World Heritage 100

A program with a strong spirit of challenging to introduce World Heritage in 5 minutes. While being a short documentary, the perfection will be over while being highly regarded. In a sense, the only thing we have to do is go to the site! It stimulates a journey.


A journey program by a talent belonging to Johnny's Office

Japanese profile travel

Actor · Mr. Shohei Muro visits the unforgettable scenery in your "mind" by bicycle.


Speedy accurate news and information unique to TV stations with high image quality !! Daily news that 26 TV Asahi affiliates gathered all the power, further weather forecasts and press conference noteworthy such as distribution of noteworthy plenty!

Heart net TV

"Heart Net TV" is a new-style welfare program for all people who have "difficulty in life". We introduce the latest broadcast calendar of "Heart Net TV".

I am absorbed at 5 o'clock!

Resolve women 's stress "honnemarudashi" buchake wide show! It is!

World Business Satellite

It deals mainly with economic information, it is an information program that concludes the end of the day at the same station..

Cambrian Palace

It is a talk / live show for adults to tell the Japanese economy that the news does not convey, Ryu Murakami, Eiko Koike welcomes the "Heisei Cambrian Economic Person".

NEWS 2 people

Different color "Intelli Johnny's" NEWS Keiichiro Oyama and Kato Shigeaki are demonstrating variety of young people faced with demonstrators!

Tetsuko's room

Kuroyanagi Tetsuko crown program hosted by.

Beat Takeshi's TV tackle

It is a political show discussion variety subject. Beat Takeshi is the moderating crown program.