Gourmet Videos

Lonely gourmet

A gourmet manga depicting Gokuro Inokasho running a miscellaneous goods import dealer individually, dining at a shop where he stopped in between work. The place where the hero visits is not a high-class restaurant, but most shops like the mass eatery. Also, except for business trips (7 episodes, 19 episodes, special editions), most of them are shops in Kanto, centering Tokyo. Rather than describing the chef 's wrestling, it is a characteristic that the middle - aged man of the hero spells scenes and psychological depictions that he enjoys eating alone. There are few dramatic developments and so on, the story goes frantly as if it is documentary.

Yoshida's sake bar wonderland

Ask for sake to the sacred place called a bar and wander around for relish.

Rice japan

Country full of charm of every season, Japan. In this country there are crafts who have learned about the appeal of food. To the journey to find the real thing.

Hakata Hara Maru's gift liquor Minato journey

Wander around the port city across the country seeking drinks. Several kinds of glass are stored in Hanamaru 's bag so that we can cope with whatever drink.In the second phase, the meaning of "Minato Journey" in the title changed to "Travel with everyone". A gourmet journey that gets the first recommendation while traveling around the famous local shops where the locals boast. How to enjoy a liquor trip by taking a trip "1. Liquor should be drunk in the same seat" "2. Cooking recommends customers! Recommend 1st recommendation"Travel Rules of the Rules "Cooking should be recommended by customers! Recommend the first recommendation" "Do not eat cuisions except for the first recommendation"

Bananaman's peculiar gourmet! It is!

Bananaman is a gourmet variety program that introduces delicious local meshes throughout Japan, and Himura [2] or Roque Gesto has a panel called "Please eat ○ ○ as much as I came to town of Uchi! Go around and eat delicious local gourmet which the local people taught while listening to locals. When listening to it, I interact with locals and introduce not only delicious gourmet but also the charm of the land.

Kaminuma Emiko's chatting cooking

A theme is decided every week, and Uenuma of the host talks while talking while cooking guests matching that theme talk program

MOCO'S kitchen

An actor, Hayami Momomichi appeared every day as a cook! Full of ad libs, a natural cooking corner !!

Today's dish

Started in 1954, this year 60th anniversary of broadcasting. We will deliver recipes enriched daily table.

Today's Tenure Beginners

You know in 2 minutes! Easy recipe! Let's stretch out the power of your shoulders and stand in the kitchen!


Hide-chan's MC can laugh The guests get drunk and spurs interesting.


Life is visible except for lunch Working adult lunch It is "Sarameshi"

Thank you for Blumari

A gourmet information program that makes familiar "big eating Nadeshiko" eat delicious items with Black Mayo's · Mari Sekine and "Master anking Elegant King"!

Woman drinking woman writing

A spin-off program of "Yoshida's sake bar wandering story". The bar bar is introducing a tavern where Yoshida kindly visited in the past by one person by one person.

Entrance! Ad Street Heaven

Community-based urban entertainment that introduces the city thoroughly! From the familiar city it is an information variety program that will appear in every town, up to the surprising city "What was this street like?"

Original generation! Great eating king decision

It is the official website of TV TOKYO 'Original grandfather! Fierce boys who eat big eating nationwide compete in Japan!

Hebeleke of Chihara Junior

Senior junior and funny companions seriously in Nagoya's famous izakaya.Indefinite late night broadcasting.

Terakado jimon's interview refused shop

Terakado jimon which is "the gourmet king of entertainment industry" that both admit and reject stubbornly refusing TV coverage until now, fully utilizing his extensive dietary knowledge and overwhelming gourmet connections A true gourmet program that opens the door of a famous shop and introduces a gem that will become the first television show!

Potion King's Predictive Meshi

A professional group "Eating king" representing Japan is eating the "guessing meshes" in the Nagoya area! Local TV: Local gourmet.

Magical restaurant R of Mizuno Maki

A program introducing Kansai taverns and gourmet restaurants. Magical restaurant R! Introduction of kushikatsu, powder, B grade gourmet etc! Must see SUPER HERO 's recipe.

Late night cafeteria

Because it is only a late night from midnight 0 o'clock to 7 o'clock in the morning with a small meal shop with a single master set to be behind the street of the Shinjuku · Gardens neighborhood, goodwill is merely "meeka" Although it is written, it is called "late night cafeteria" from regular customers. The menu has only pork soup set meal, beer, liquor and shochu, but if you say what you can master, you can make anything. Set in this shop, draw an exchange with the master and guests.