Thank you for seeing SAMURAI TV.
This website is based on the diffusion of Japanese culture through the high quality contents of Japan to the world.We are opening for the purpose of promoting Japanese learning by users interested in Japanese.

To learn Japanese, you can learn how to do to school only grammar that is formal to the form.However, native Japanese is full of freedom.
In Japan there are various dialects depending on the region, and in the same sense it is filled with a variety of expressions.In addition, even in the same words, the meaning of words changes depending on the stutation used, the age.The meaning of words is entirely different from the past and now.On this site, you can feel such native Japanese.

At first, you may not be able to understand the words.However, children do not study to remember the words.I will remember what I'm interested over and over again.

Even Japanese, there are many unknown words.There are not many numbers of daily use words.Expressions of difficult words will be understood by checking with various different stutures.

There is no need to decide on a goal, please look forward while listening.
You can imagine the meaning of words that you did not understand at first at nature.Knowing Japanese culture and customs, you will be able to feel a deeper meaning.We prepare various contents that feel Japanese culture.
Please step up little by little.It is only a small part of Japan that you can touch through this site.Japan is full of wonderful culture.
I would be pleased if you would be interested in Japanese culture at all, not just this site.


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