Entertainment Videos

Crazy Journey

Invite a crazy journey across the world to the studio, ask the studio to talk about experiences, and accompany the program staff. People of various professions such as adventurers, journalists, photographers, writers, managers appear as "Crazy Journey". Sometimes we pick up deceased people [1]. However, it is all Japanese, foreigners do not pick up..

Gamecenter CX

Focusing on old-fashioned computer games, each time the comedy entertainer Shinya Arino challenged the different game software, the main event was "Arino's challenge" aiming at the ending screen completely clearing within the recording time around 12 hours, It is a variety show.

Ota and Ueda

Miracle opening starts! Two people of Talk King shoots down!


Information live on late afternoon on weekday Talk Variety Program.

Happy pursuit variety Women want to hear on Friday

Female guests pursue true honesty to "cool man" guests of various occupations / generations..

Sunday big variety

From a heart-warming human narrative to a varied variety. We will deliver it with a variety of planning packages..

Too much city legend

Do not know whether it is a lie or too much Too much urban legend.

Miracle Experience Ambilibaba

We will send you an unbelievable story such as happy miracles all over the world, paranormal phenomena that can not be understood by common sense or science, stupid phenomena.

Marco Pololy

Yoshimoto entertainers will become reporters, enjoying the recent social problems and entertainment information collected per body, with a sense of wide show..

World! People who want to go to Nippon Cheering team

A big search for foreigners who are dying to go to Nippon! It is a program that invites foreigners who love Nippon too much!


It is information variety program that is live from Monday to Friday..

Barairo Dandy

Every week Monday - Friday live broadcasting! A night wide show of adults!

Pleasantly! Akashi Home Appliances Base

Longevity late night variety program (Kansai Local) broadcasting every Monday. Akashiya Sanno hosts a crown program.

Buchake Temple

A program to have five monks to talk about each truth according to the theme.

Shimura's time

The love of a part-time job to Shimura shopkeeper who runs a tea shop. Regular guests coming to the store, Yusuke Sawabe, Takashima Kaoho, Hashimoto Manami and causing home comedy!

Ame zipang

V6 and Nippon I love foreign culture sent to the world Japanese cultural incompetence!


Variety, drama, documentary, and sports, we will send every special special program of every genre every week.

What is he doing now?

A program to investigate what the classmate of a guest cast as a student is doing now.

Listen to things hard to hear

Various in the world "To listen to things hard to hear, new program to challenge full coverage by putting up your body.


He pointed out that behaviors and lifestyle habits that everyone thinks is natural are inherently hiding "things they should not do". We introduce the correct way based on expert commentary and experiment.

Itadaki High jump

Hey! Say! JUMP's first crown program.

Student HEROES

It is a program to support the students' full power to do what they want to do..

Tocoton Drilling Corps! Thank you for being a creature

Educational variety variety program on living things.

Explore Bacmon

Ulagawa in an out-of-bounds area and a super huge facility ... a big adventure in places that is rarely seen everyday! The exciting wonderland is on the back side of this world.

Trull sama-zu

Challenge per body such as "Feeling only for me", "Only fun with me", "I will teach you."

Maido! Journey -

Regular members are chosen from among Kansai Johnny's Jr., and combine singing, dancing, talking and so on with a sense of fascination and Kansai distinctive fun, it's impeccable handsome jokes!"


It may not be possible, but maybe it could be ... prepare such situations and "monitor" what people will do in that situation"

Tokorosan! It is serious.

A lot of small incidents that can not be overlooked happening in a corner of society, that we surprise the surprising truth.

Matsumoto family holiday

Hitoshi Matsumoto of "Mother", Hiroyuki Miyamaki of "Oda", "Older" Muura Kenji, and "Sister" Sakko have 10,000 yen every week to the city of Kansai!

There is a break! Red zone

It is a program to invite guests with "Waka" to the guests and to show off their "dazzling" everyday and astounding episodes!

NMB to manabukun

For the NMB 48 who knows nothing about the public, we opened a school that learns such as "Do not tell at school!"

Out × Deluxe

The human being who is present in the world = out person. "Out and Good is a single sheet of paper" With such a thought Yabe & Matsuko gently watch the people out and shine deluxe "Human cheering talk variety variety"!"

Gorou · Deluxe

Bookmark variety in the industry where Gagaku Inagaki who is talkative serves MC


Is there a talent for popular entertainers in the first place? Perform unannounced tests in all genres, and present the results in ranking format.


Talk variety program. Comedy · sama ~ zu's crown program

Downtown DX

It is a talk variety program, the crown program of downtown.

Suddenly! Golden legend

Program site Entertainers challenge various harsh legends such as 'Remote Island Life' which is popular, 'Saving Life', 'Eating Out', 'Only Living with ○ ○'! It is!


Downtown · Masayuki Hamada, a variety show that discovers private life of secret entertainers.

The god question of sama-zu

can not think of myself, but I feel doubts that "I see! Question which makes you want to know the answer with a bit of laughter .... A popular comedy combination · ___ ^ However, various questions raised in the program are recognized as "good doubt" = "divine god"

Idol lottery

Music show co-produced by TV Asahi and BS Asahi.

Banana steak

It is a variety show program consisting of loose talk live and location planning by Bananaman. I will jump out the studio to the guest as a boys talk as junior high school students and the live stage that I just talk about what I want to talk about now, and good friend performers etc..

The going out of HKT 48

Local fans won the Variety HKT 48 Odekake! "Is a late-night variety program.

Discovered in the village of the world! A Japanese in such a place

Through the unexpected half-life of the people who live life in a corner of the world, a traveler who is a traveler also takes a close look at his life Document and variety variety!

Ariyoshi Japon

It cuts with a line of eyes with "poisonous" of well-being on a deep topic!

Detective! Night scoop

It is a viewer participation type variety show.


Introduction of famous people 's unknown unexpected "scary" side and celebrity' s wonderful home and family! Bomb Information Talk Variety !!


Kagami Suke's face can be seen "Okuma announcer's" Bear's Diary ", such things during location and such" staff diary "!

Audrey, there are people who would like to see you all means

People introduced in your reviews will appear on TV one after another! This program wears such a feeling "I want to meet!" In such a package called "review" to make such a program!

Banana Zero Music

Variety program "Banana ♪ Zero Music" enjoying music with music knowledge zero bananaman Each time, a first-class musician appears and experiences while enjoying "the fun of music".

KANJANI∞ Chronicle

Seven group "Kanjani" who is active in various fields such as music, play, variety etc will challenge various projects such as location, com, song, talk!

Matsuko Conference

Crown program of Matsuko · Deluxe.

Instinct Z

Talk variety shows that celebrities introduce juniors of the cocks!

Nippon the world was surprised! Sugo ~ Idezne's inspection group

Learn things such as "Nippon Style!", Which is unique to Japan that hides in familiar products and services with foreign students "I want to know more about Japan!"

Overtworth terrible work!

Made in Japan that boasts a high standard. How far can you raise the limit of technology? A technician 's amazing ability to make impossible change the world!

Ultra Ponkotsu & sama-zu

"Ponkotsu can do even if it can do!" As a watchword, Kazuya Kojima · Eikichi Kano and others will challenge various programs

Kubo minehyada Keserasen Knight

Delusion idea of a creator who is not TV at all, a real talk show talk program.

Fire sports aquarium TV

Deliver a summary of the heat, fieriness and pleasure of sports! The ultimate sports variety!.

Shimura Animal Zoo

Animal Variety Program!

A chest full summit! (Takajin chest full)

Rage discussion variety show!

Tell me news live! Mikata of justice

Information variety tells us that the fact of the news is not familiar to Coco "

Can you write it?

It is a variety show that shows the appearance that they grow as idols!

Hanataka of cream stew! Superior Hall

Knowing only 30% of Japanese people.

Mr. Hayashi surprised early hearing studies

Carefully selected stories are also entrusted to Mr. Hayashi, a popular preparatory school teacher who has pulled out in the media. Not only specialized fields, but also those who did not know even Professor Hayashi, the representative of "Sage" who has various knowledge drawers, is recognized as "Early Learning".

Nogizaka Construction in progress

Every Sunday midnight from 0 o'clock TV Aichi TV Tokyo 6 affiliates broadcast on the net Nogizaka Construction is underway, a wide variety program of Nogizaka 46's charm.

Kinki Kids' Bumbo Boom

KinKi Kids "to hospitize" what guests want to do.

Enthusiastic! Hot sandwich

KTwo of the sandwich men are programs that support Hokkaido for "enthusiastic!"

Murakami mayonnaise's Tukko let me down

KANJANI ∞ · Murakami Shinpo & Black Mayonnaise Declare Utilizing Techniques for Women!

HKT Variety 48

HKT 48's crown program which will be broadcast late at night on the last Sunday of every month

Leave it to Akko

Japanese longevity information variety show program being live. Crown program of Akiko Wada who will be hosting.

The boy's club

Johnny's Jr., who is a big success in concerts and theaters, and now has a momentum to overcome Johnny's seniors. The stage show that draws out their charm 100% is "The Boy's Club".

AKB 48 Nemousu TV

Crown variety show of AKB 48 being regularly broadcasted at the family theater from 2008.

Celebrity Rating Check

A plan to challenge the problem distinguishing between "luxury goods" and "cheap articles" and to decide the rank according to the number of correct answers. Results with gaps that are not in proportion to the entertainment history became popular, such as young talent successively correct answers and becoming first-class celebrities, who ranked incorrect answers and rankings dropped, resulted in the main program of the program .