An ocean adventure romance surrounding the "One Tree Temple One Piece" with a boy named Monkey · D · Luffy who became a pirate the hero.The theme of adventure to dreams and friendship with friends is put on the front, and it is getting popular as a story to go royal road of boys' manga with battle, gag scene, and impressive episode as the main. In addition, it also features a story of magnificent world view and elaborate setting deeply kneaded over the years.

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The Iron arm DASH

Currently there are continuing projects such as DASH island which pioneers a single desert island, environmental improvement plans of coast of Tokyo Bay, DASH coast, etc, business trip DASH village, gigantic planning and stupid planning etc are irregular It has a program structure with sub-project planning as a sub. It is said that the production side is aware of the next project that is spreading and has the next project, and is trying to make programs as a documentary variety.

A world unfamiliar to Matsuko

Matsuko Deluxe converts new genre themes to more familiar information.

Bishoku club

It is a gourmet japan animation.

Sekainohatemade itteQ

Laughter and excitement and information packed puzzling adventure variety variety.


Talk variety program that has been on TV Asahi series since April 8, 2003.

Jap Anime Jam

We upload popular Japanese animations randomly.