The stage is Russia in 1961, the Soviet Union era. The hero is two rabbits who are in prison at jail. In Season 1, depature stores (Mafia's nesting) arrived after their prison life, September 2 jailbreaked two cars and police witness car chase, Season 3 got through a runaway play, in Season 4 it became one story Two birds who settled in the building of the department store that went down and slaughter that occurred in the remodeling of Mechannenko are depicted in season 5, respectively, and a slapstick with the monster Kedamsky in the woods encountered in the woods lost in escaping . The season ZERO which is the day before yesterday begins in 1958, which is three years ago of the main volume. Kirenenko who was bombed by plotting but regained consciousness, and Putin who was housed in prison at the same time depicts two encounters that he was enjoying prison life while being prisoned by a guard.

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The Iron arm DASH

Currently there are continuing projects such as DASH island which pioneers a single desert island, environmental improvement plans of coast of Tokyo Bay, DASH coast, etc, business trip DASH village, gigantic planning and stupid planning etc are irregular It has a program structure with sub-project planning as a sub. It is said that the production side is aware of the next project that is spreading and has the next project, and is trying to make programs as a documentary variety.

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Matsuko Deluxe converts new genre themes to more familiar information.

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