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The stage is Russia in 1961, the Soviet Union era. The hero is two rabbits who are in prison at jail. In Season 1, depature stores (Mafia's nesting) arrived after their prison life, September 2 jailbreaked two cars and police witness car chase, Season 3 got through a runaway play, in Season 4 it became one story Two birds who settled in the building of the department store that went down and slaughter that occurred in the remodeling of Mechannenko are depicted in season 5, respectively, and a slapstick with the monster Kedamsky in the woods encountered in the woods lost in escaping . The season ZERO which is the day before yesterday begins in 1958, which is three years ago of the main volume. Kirenenko who was bombed by plotting but regained consciousness, and Putin who was housed in prison at the same time depicts two encounters that he was enjoying prison life while being prisoned by a guard.


Original work by Lily Frankie. A story of Oden village nobody knows in the pot of Oden stall..


Eikichi Onizuka, who once dominated Shonan as the strongest bad "onibaku", dropped out of Tsujido High School and entered in a substitute examination at Eurasia University. He aimed as a teacher with his physical strength and chest pleasure, pure eccentricity and some impure motives..


Unlicensed genius surgeon Black Jack is a medicine drama active. Black Jack has a genius surgical technique and always helps a serious patient who is at risk of death, miraculously. But as a substitute, we always charge a huge price. Therefore, even in the medical community, its existence is denied.


Shimiziro is the main character of animation with the original teaching material "Kodomo Challenge" for infants..


A gag animation depicting the police officer who works at Kameari Park pre-departure place · Kankichi Ryotsu and its surroundings.

Chibi Marukochan

A warm hearted comedy that depicts the everyday of the elementary school student Maruko and its surrounding people..


It is a work that depicts a little wonder (SF) everyday life which the feline-type robot "Doraemon" that came from the future of the 22nd century and the elementary school student "Nobita" which fails whatever you do does.


Sakata Ginji of the protagonist and those surrounding it are gag animation which carries out a slapstick play in the setting of Edo's Kabuki Town, full of excessive neta, maniac parody, stuff like caricature stuff and stuff like society.

Crayon Shin chan

'''Crayon Shin-chan'' follows the adventures of a five-year old boy named Shinnosuke Nohara and his parents, his dog, his little sister and his friends.

Sazae san

The main character is a mother named Sazae-san. She lives in a house with her husband, her kids and her parents. The show is the ultimate family program and tends to follow traditional themes. Think of this show as the Japanese equivalent to "The Partridge Family" and you'll get a good feel for this show's atmosphere.

Detective Conan

The story follows the adventures of Shinichi Kudo (also known as Jimmy Kudo in Case Closed), a young detective prodigy who was inadvertently shrunk into a child's body due to a poison he was force-fed by members of a criminal syndicate. Neighbor and family friend Professor Agasa strongly suggested Shinichi hide his identity to prevent them from killing him and the people he cares about, so Shinichi takes the name Conan Edogawa. He goes to live with his childhood friend Ran Mouri and her father, Kogoro, and tries to use Kogoro's detective agency as a way to find the people who shrank him—without letting Ran figure out who he really is.

Hunter × Hunter

The story begins with a young boy named Gon Freecss, who one day discovers that the father who he thought was dead, is in fact alive and well. He learns that his father, Ging, is a legendary "Hunter", an individual who has proven themselves an elite member of humanity. Despite the fact that Ging left his son with his relatives in order to pursue his own dreams, Gon becomes determined to follow in his father's footsteps, pass the rigorous "Hunter Examination", and eventually find his father to become a Hunter in his own right.

Kirby Super Star

Somewhere in the universe the next generation star warrior "Kirby" was born. And Kirby got to sleep in the space craft you got from where you got the power to resist Nightmare..

Fist of the North Star

In the 1990s, civilization was ruined as a result of a worldwide nuclear war and many creatures died out. In spite of these events, 30% of mankind survived and entered an age where the strong ruled over the weak, as the few survivors fought over whatever supply of food and uncontaminated water remained in the wasteland of the world.

Nintama Rantaro

Rantarou, Shinbei and Kirimaru are ninja apprentices in the Ninja Gakuen, where first grade ones are called "Nintamas" (contraction of the words ninja+tama (egg)). They must learn everything a ninja must know, but as for our heroes, money, food or playing are more interesting. The series show the everyday adventures of our heroes, segmentated in a cartoon fashion, like 2 small episodes in a 30-min show.

Dragon ball super

Several months after the defeat of Majin Buu, peace has returned to Earth. Son Goku has settled down and now works as a radish farmer to support his family. For four years, his family and friends live peaceful lives. However, a new threat appears in the form of Beerus, The God of Destruction, who is considered to be the most terrifying being in Universe 7. After awakening from several years of slumber, Beerus is eager to fight the legendary warrior whom he had seen in a prophecy that is known as the Super Saiyan God (Sūpā Saiya-jin Goddo)

Once upon a time in Japan

The old tale transmitted to various parts of Japan is visualized.


In modern day moonlight town, Oyalmaru, a self-styled young child, who is a child of a nobleman in the Haian Chou fairy world a thousand years ago, came. Ojarumaru starts his occupation at the house of Kazuma, a boy in the moonlight town.


I draw pleasant days of the elderly living in Tamagotchi stars. In order to restore the Tamagotchi star where the egg formation advances, weigheds that gather mysterious plates. In search of the last "Kokoro Plate", the ramie gathers in the mysterious fountain..

Super agente cobra

Painful sci-fi action drawing the activity of a monster wolf pirate · cobra with a psychogan on its left arm with an American comic touch.

Future Boy Conan

The story begins in July 2008, during a time when humankind is faced with the threat of extinction. A devastating war fought between two major nations with ultra-magnetic weapons far greater than anything seen earlier brings about total chaos and destruction throughout the world, resulting in several earthquakes and tidal waves. The earth is thrown off its axis, its crust rocked by massive movements, and the five continents are torn completely apart and sink deep below the sea.

Nokkana animation

It is an animation channel for babies, toddlers, and children. We deliver animation and nursing rhymes, animation useful for education and education of children, "Baby who is not pleased" baby is pleased..